2.5" Frame Mount Body Lift


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The Frame Mount Body Lift lifts the Body (2.5″ on 92-96 non-turbo trucks and 2″ on 96-04 turbo trucks) with taller frame mounts instead of using the more traditional spacers and longer bolts thus providing a stronger mount and a more “factory like” appearance. Kit includes Body Lift, Fuel Tank Straps and Rear Closeout Panel. You won’t find a better kit on the market!


Shopping our competitor for a (seemingly) comparable product?
Here’s why ours “spanks” the competition!
  • Kit includes our Aluminum Rear Closeout Panel to fill the gap between the body and frame
  • Includes new Lift Hooks (not spacers) to provide a clean factory appearance
  • Includes all new upper fuel tanks straps that place the connection joint between the upper and lower straps BELOW the driveshaft thus eliminating the possibility of rubbing the driveshaft and a more secure design with fewer parts
  • Extremely detailed instructions backed by expert support
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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 8 × 8 in