Relay Box

New for 2010 – A One Piece Mounting Bracket – For an even cleaner installation!Stop the guess work on where to mount all of your relays for your electrical accessories and make your wiring uncomplicated with this RubberDuck Relay Box. Simply hook the ground and the power wire with circuit breaker to your battery, connect the power wires from your accessories to the Molex pigtail and run the 8 wire DIN cable to your switch panel inside the cab and you”re done! This Relay Box is 100% Waterproof and sealed from the elements and houses 8 fused relays with LED”s that will illuminate when the accessory is on.Kit comes ready to install and includes; Relay Box with Relays and fuses – Circuit Breaker – Molex pigtail connector – 20” of DIN cable – Gold plated battery post extension.