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RD6016630 Installed Closed genRD6016630 Installed Closed gen
RD6016630 genRD6016630 gen
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Security Glove Box 96-03

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Have some piece of mind and securely lockup your valuables with this Lockable Security Box. Made of all steel construction, this box is virtually bomb proof!

Unlike the factory plastic box, it has an internal reinforcement ring which sandwiches the doghouse cover between the ring and the box so that it cannot be simply ripped out by the screws and, since it is completely made of steel, it doesn’t flex so the door cannot be opened like the factory box by simply pushing down on the door. The seal on the door provides a tight, rattle free seal.

Includes all necessary hardware, 2 keys and installation instructions.  Supersedes part# 6007061

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 8 in