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Super 77 Upgraded Turbo

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The SUPER-77 features a high-tech billet compressor wheel of proprietary design, which is combined with compressor housing modifications to create a dramatic improvement in compressor-side performance.  These compressor side upgrades are combined with changes in the turbine drive wheel.  The net result is a superior turbocharger performance with reduced transitional response time, lower required exhaust drive pressure and greater efficiency in production of manifold pressure.  The SUPER-77 is a direct, bolt on replacement for the factory turbo used on the H1 and includes a Mechanical Wastegate Controller and is preset provide 16 psi of boost at full throttle.
The 2nd photo shows the Stock Compressor Wheel and the 3rd Photo shows the Upgraded Wheel in the Upgraded Turbo.
The SUPER-77 must be used in conjunction with Max-E-Torq computer programming (sold separately) and cannot be used with factory computer programming.

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Weight35 lbs
Dimensions19 × 19 × 15 in