Winch Rope

The Superline XD synthetic winch line is manufactured with the most advanced technology in synthetic rope manufacturing today. The rope starts as a larger diameter line and is heated and stretched down to its final diameter, just like our regular Superline. This process gives the Superline XD an excellent breaking strength since it has the strength of a larger diameter line in a smaller diameter. The pre-stretching also gives the rope better abrasion resistance compared to normal Dyneema winch ropes. For even more abrasion resistance, the rope has a tightly braided cover along the whole length of the rope. This cover gives the inner Superline core excellent protection against abrasion, especially abrasion from dirt and sand. With coverless winch lines, dirt and sand can get lodged in between the strands of the rope and can cause fraying, which in some cases leads to a 20% loss in the rope”s breaking strength.  The Superline XD cover keeps dirt and sand out of the core and prevents this abrasion from happening. It also gives the inner core complete protection from UV rays. Ultimately this means that if used properly, the Superline XD will last much longer than a normal winch line, and you won”t have to replace your line nearly as often.M-P Superline XD Includes:-Powder coated crush proof tube thimble-3ft. Rock Guard w/ Velcro-10ft. heat protector for the bottom layer of the winch drum-Drum link w/ screw for drum>-Optional HD Sling Hook or Safety Hook